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Covid -19 Relief Fund

To address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, AICF is raising funds urgently to help COVID relief efforts working with trusted partner organizations in India.
Please donate generously and join us to help make a difference.

How is AICF different from other charitable organizations?

  • AICF provides greater return on your charity dollar than other charities
  • AICF provides flexibility to fund your own projects (e.g., build a school in my town in memory of my parents) as long it is consistent with AICF’s mission
  • AICF funds projects in India and in US (primarily in Buffalo, New York). In addition to
    addressing needs, this also helps strengthen relationships between our two mother communities
  • Professionals from different fields (medical doctors, corporate managers, research scientists, professors, entrepreneurs) contribute their expertise to AICF in a volunteer capacity. 
  • More importantly, their long term involvement signals their confidence in AICF and willingness to lend their reputation behind the organization.

Why should AICF be Your Top Choice Charity?

  •  Local community members can contact AICF members to receive updates about project
  • Annual AICF expenses are 3-4% of revenues vs. 68% for the “worst” charitable vs.
    recommended 20% (10% fund raising & 10% administrative expenses)
  • AICF is a credible organization. From 1999-2018, it raised $1.75 million, spent $1.25 million on
    projects, & endowment fund balance of $0.4 million
  • Children of AICF and local community members help on appropriate projects such care
    packages for soldiers, cooking meals at City Mission. These help children develop good values,
    feel proud of themselves, and bond with local friends

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