About Us

AICF is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization (since May 2001) and subject to all regulations governing public charitable foundationsà Contributions are tax deductible Our goal is to raise funds to implement, both locally and internationally, projects that are focused on literacy, education, child, women and family welfare activities & disaster relief Administrative expenses to date are less than 2% of revenue, compared to more than 10% for major not-for-profits(2009-www.bbb.org) Professionals from different fields bring their expertise in a volunteer capacity. More importantly, their long term involvement with AICF signals their confidence in AICF and willingness to put their names behind the organization We are grateful to HCS, IAB, and other local organizations such as Vibha, AID India for supporting our efforts over the past 15 years and we will continue to maintain our symbiotic relationships in the future

WHY should AICF be Your Top Choice Charity?

For the sake of our children

  • 15th August story, war story
  • Children involved with care packages for soldiers, cooking meals at City Mission
  • Children develop good values, feel proud of themselves, bond with local friends, and can include these activities in their college applications

For the sake of our Indian community

  • Story-9/11 “Most selfish community”
  • There is an increasing need for funding local projects - the right thing to do
  • It helps earn locals’ respect for our community
  • It helps strengthen relationships between our two communities
  • Build linkages with local leaders – County Executive, Congressmen, CEOs
  • Our voice in local issues can be heard

For our individual sake

  • Funding local projects (e.g., Father Baker Victory, Cornerstone Manor, 9/11, Katrina, Soldiers, City Mission) make you feel even prouder of yourself
  • Help us earn even more respect of our children
  • Execute “close to heart” projects (e.g., Ravi Bansal-MRI m/c in an Ambala hosptl.)
  • Can follow-up on progress of projects with AICF members & very low overheads